Mission Statement:

The Women's Ministries, a part of Specialized Ministries, was designed to provide an effective ministry to all women and to enhance ministries that will effect the harvest of women. It has three primary goals:

  • To provide assistance in ministering to the needs of women,
  • To provide ministry opportunities for women,
  • To increase awareness of mission needs.

Vision for Ministry:

Many questions continue to form in this day as to where women fit into the ministry spectrum for this last day.  In fact, the role of women in church leadership, ministry, and discipleship is an issue that has challenged man (male and female) for generations.  In view of the world's needs, this is an especially significant question to be addressed in this day to discover scriptural concepts for providing direction.

While this history factors in when considering the responsibilities of women, women's needs are basically the same as with others:

  • To accept Christ as the Son of God and as personal Lord and  Saviour
  • To be sanctified holy for His use
  • To be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • To develop a disciplined prayer and devotional life
  • To know and begin using our spiritual gifts
  • To function within the context of a local church fellowship and Christian community
  • To be able to share faith with others
  • To strengthen relationships with husband, family and friends and develop positive parenting skills
  • To have the mind of Christ